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Zone Visits

We now offer zone visits at Catley Cross Vets

In the light of double-digit inflation and the significant increase seen in the cost of living (and owning horses!) over the past year or so we at Catley Cross feel a Zone Visit Scheme may be of benefit to our clients.

The Zone Visit Scheme enables certain pre-booked routine work to be carried out with a significantly reduced visit fee (half-price).  As with any visit, if five or more horses are seen at the same premises during a single visit then no visit fee is charged at all.  If less than five horses are seen the half-price visit fee is divided equally between horse owners.

What services are available on a Zone Visit?

  • Vaccinations
  • Routine dentals
  • Passport & microchip
  • Routine Health checks
  • Blood sampling for routine monitoring
  • Uncomplicated suture/staple removal

How will it work?

We have divided our practice area into eight zones (see maps).  We will visit each zone under the scheme once a month as per the schedule below:

Zone 1                  First Tuesday of every month

Zone 8                  First Thursday of every month

Zone 2                  Second Tuesday of every month

Zone 5                  Second Thursday of every month

Zone 3                  Third Tuesday of every month

Zone 6                  Third Thursday of every month

Zone 7                  Fourth Tuesday of every month

Zone 4                  Fourth Thursday of every month

Terms & Conditions

  1. Visits must be booked by 6pm at least two working days before the Zone Visit day.
  2. Work should be pre-paid no later than 4pm the day before the scheduled Zone Visit day.
  3. Appointment times cannot be given at the time of booking.  An estimated time window can be provided by 6pm before the scheduled visit. 
  4. Time windows will be: ‘early morning’ (8am – 10.30am); ‘late morning’ (10.30am - 1pm); ‘early afternoon’ (1pm – 2.30pm) or ‘late afternoon’ (2.30pm - 5pm).  We will endeavour to keep in contact during the day to let clients know when we are en-route.
  5. Zones are allocated based on where the horse is stabled rather than the home address.
  6. The vets for Zone Visit days are allocated by the practice and cannot be specified by the client.  We will endeavour to provide some continuity of vets for zones where possible.
  7. Equine passports must be available for all appointments.
  8. We respectfully ask that all previous non-insured work is paid up-to date in order for clients to participate in the Zone Visit Scheme.
  9. Visit numbers on a particular day may need to be capped and routine dentals limited to a maximum of eight horses, unless specific prior arrangement made.  Early booking for Zone Visit days is recommended!
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