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Our dedicated equine services, facilities and team

  • Emergencies
  • Routine Work
  • Dentistry
  • Joint Measurement Board
  • Pre-purchase examinations
  • Reproductive work
  • Holiday And Rehab Livery


We are a 24 hour emergency equine veterinary clinic and so one of our own vets is available to speak to when it is out of hours and reception is closed. The equine emergency number is 07767 884947 but if there is no answer or the emergency vet is busy, you will be redirected to a paging service. Please leave a message with the paging company and the emergency vet will call you back as soon as possible.

Routine Work

Visits can be arranged to any area within a 40 mile radius or appointments can be made to see your horse at the Practice. Routine work is best booked in advance, preferably before 9:30 of the morning of the appointment, this enables a more effective use of the vets time.

Emergencies of course can be seen at any time. It can be difficult due to the nature of the job to be precise about timings of visits, we will endeavour to keep to an approximate time given and can always call you in advance so you don’t have to hang round all day.

If more than one horse is seen on a visit we will split the visit fee equally between owners. In recognition of the current growing costs of horse ownership we are pleased to announce if five or more horses are seen at the same visit that we will not charge a visit fee at all.


All of our vets have training in routine dental work and floating. We offer the following:

  • Full dental examinations
  • Dental floating
  • Wolf tooth removal
  • Cap removal in young horses
  • Motorized reduction of dental overgrowths
  • Dental extractions
  • Treatment of diastemata and periodontal disease
  • Dental radiography

Joint Measurement Board

Karen Church is the Practices Registered JMB veterinary surgeon, measurements can be undertaken at the clinic, this needs to be booked in advance. It is advisable to have had your horses shoes removed and feet trimmed appropriately. All horses now need to microchipped in accordance with JMB regulations, this can be performed at the time of measurement if required.

Pre-purchase examinations

It is recommended that clients purchasing a horse should consider a pre purchase examination, this can help identify current problems and future concerns. There are two versions, a standard 5 stage, and a limited 2 stage, clients should discuss their requirements with one of our receptionists or veterinary surgeons. We are able to travel more widely for pre purchase examinations, or we may be able to recommend a local veterinary surgeon for those further afield requests.  It is also possible to use the facilities at the clinic if you wish to bring your prospective purchase to us.

The standard RCVS/BVA procedure:

  1. Preliminary examination – This is a thorough external examination of the animal at rest using visual observation, palpation and manipulation  to detect signs of injury, disease or physical abnormality. This includes an examination of the incisor teeth, eyes and auscultation of the heart and lungs.
  2. Walk and trot in hand – Detection of abnormalities of gait and action, flexion tests and lunging.
  3. Strenuous exercise – Usually assessed under saddle – allows assessment of the horse when it has increased breathing effort and heart rate. Allows further assessment of gait.
  4. Period of rest – the horse is allowed to stand quietly for a period and allows a further assessment of respiratory and heart rates.
  5. Second trot up and foot examination – In hand again to look for any signs of strains and injuries made evident by the exercise and rest stages.

The 2 stage examination only includes the first 2 stages listed above and a signed declaration is required to acknowledge understanding that a limited examination may not reveal certain conditions which may be discovered during a full 5 stage examination.

Reproductive work

Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic is a BEVA AI recognised Practice in the use of fresh, chilled and frozen semen.  There are several options available if you are considering breeding your mare.  We offer AI packages in the clinic, we can carry out chilled inseminations at your yard or we can prep your mare for a walk in covering. If you are considering this service then it is advisable to put some thought in at an early stage of the year in order to be prepared.

More information and prices

Holiday And Rehab Livery

Holiday Livery

Knowing what to do with your horse(s) when going away on a well-earned break can be a headache! With this in mind Catley Cross are pleased to offer a new holiday livery service.  The cost is £175 incl. VAT per week and includes:

  • Stable, bedding, hay and basic feed
  • Walker exercise
  • Turnout (subject to availability)
  • Worm Egg Count

Your horse will be cared for by friendly, experienced staff.  We require that your horse’s flu and tetanus vaccines are up to date and appropriate worming has been carried out prior to arrival.

Rehab Livery

Your horse may have been prescribed a period of stable rest and controlled exercise by a vet or other professional, which is essential for healing and eventual recovery.  As horse owners we know that sticking to the letter of a rehab program is often easier said than done, particularly if facilities don’t allow or ‘life’ gets in the way!

Catley Cross is now launching a new rehab livery service which may be able to help.  The cost is £200 incl. VAT per week and includes:

  • Stable, bedding, hay and basic feed
  • Walker exercise
  • Turnout (subject to availability)
  • Worm Egg Count
  • Long rein or lunging exercise as recommended by the treating professional
  • Administration of oral and injectable medication as prescribed by the treating vet

We are also able to carry out treatments such as shockwave or Class IV laser therapy, if required, at additional cost. We require that your horse’s flu and tetanus vaccines are up to date and appropriate worming has been carried out prior to arrival.

Catley has high-quality well-ventilated stables with rubber matting and automatic drinkers.  Your horse will be cared for by qualified equine nurses and grooms.


NEW: Equine Zone Visits

NEW: Equine Zone Visits

We now offer zone visits at Catley Cross Vets, covering Ipswich, Colchester, Halstead, Sudbury and more!

New: Gastroscopy Days

New: Gastroscopy Days

We have recently staged two very successful ‘Gastroscopy days’ at Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic. 

Meet our Team

Craig Rutland - Clinical Director

Craig Rutland

Craig Rutland BVSc BSc CertVA CertAVP(EM) MRCVS Clinical Director
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Grace Starling Smith - Veterinary Surgeon

Grace Starling Smith

Grace Starling Smith BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Charlotte Warrior - BVM BVS MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Charlotte Warrior

Charlotte Warrior BVM BVS MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Natalie Dodd - Veterinary Surgeon

Natalie Dodd

Natalie Dodd MVDr MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Pedro Garcia - Veterinary Surgeon

Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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