Small animal Covid 19 updates

Small animal emergencies. We are closed for all routine work. If you aren’t sure if what your pet needs is routine, please do call us.

We have changed our opening hours to help our clients in these difficult times.

The small animal vet emergency team will be working from:

*******8am to 7pm, 7 days a week********

During these times, if you have an emergency, call us straight away.

If you have a query or just want some advice could we please ask that you call between 9am and 5pm so that our small animal team have time to deal with emergencies.

We have some really good news for you all though:

The RCVS usually forbids us from prescribing prescription only medicines to animals we have not physically examined. However, in light of the situation, and in certain scenarios, “remote prescribing” will be allowed. This means that we may, under some circumstances be able to post medication to you to treat your pet.

Please phone us if you have ANY concerns about your pet or aren’t sure if they would be classed as an emergency. You will be able to speak to our experienced veterinary surgeons who will in the first instance, ask you questions just like we would in a consultation.

In certain cases, simple advice may be given. There will be no charge for this.

In some cases the veterinary surgeon may give you an appointment at the practice.

In other cases, where a “phone consultation” takes place and the veterinary surgeon uses their professional skills and training and prescribes medication for your animal, a fee will apply but we have decided that we should reduce this fee from a normal consultation cost. You may be asked to provide photos or videos via email or what’s app to help us as part of the consultation.

We are hoping this helps, keeps you all reassured that no matter what, during this pandemic your animal will not be left to suffer.

If your pet needs to be seen urgently out-with the opening hours listed above, you will be directed to the phone numbers for Vets Now (Witham and Colchester) who will be able to triage your pet, give advice and see you if need be.

**Please respect social distancing advice.

**Please wait in your car.

**Please do NOT bring your pet in without calling first.

**Please do not attend with your pet if you have had any signs consistent with Coronavirus.

**Please let us know if you have been self isolating.

**Please only attend the surgery with one adult per pet if this is possible.

We are your vets. We care. We are here for your pets. Please help keep our staff safe so we can stay open and be there for you all.

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