Summer 2017 Newsletter

Congratulations to our Equine Groom Lucinda Gowers who has successfully completed her level 2 diploma in Horse Care. Lucinda joined the Catley team in September 2015 and loves caring for the patients on a day to day basis.




Good news for all you Carolyn fans out there! She will be starting back at work on the 17th August and will be working Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. (Pictured is darling Gizmo and his 2 jockeys – this was at his first outing this year, as you can see the breaking in process is going well!)



A night to remember – Catley Cross Charity Ball Saturday 21st October 2017, The Fennes, Bocking, CM7 5PL .

Dancing the night away to ‘Soul Kitchen’

£60 per ticket – We have just 10 tables left!

For more information & bookings please contact the practice on 01787 269006

New worming packs!

More and more resistance to our existing equine wormers are being reported and the duration of efficacy of our existing wormers is reducing. No new wormers are due to be launched on the market so we have to safe guard our wormers. Strategic worming is required, worming only those horses which carry a significant worm burden identified by means of faecal worm egg counting.

We have updated our annual worming packages.  The package runs from Autumn to Autumn and the packs contain three worm egg counts to be submitted at three monthly intervals. We are also offering a saliva test for detection of tapeworm and this should be carried out in late summer to determine whether your horse needs an annual tapeworm treatment or whether a straightforward Equest will suffice.  It has been found that only ¼ of all horses tested require tapeworming.  Remember….. your horse will need annual worming for encysted redworm regardless, as there is currently no test to detect these. When you buy your worming package from us we will also send out the required winter wormer at the same time, saving you not only the postage but ensuring you will have the right wormer at the right time of year. We will also be implementing the reporting of worm egg count samples by email and sending out reminders when you are required to worm or submit samples.

Strategic worming is not suitable for foals/yearlings.

Roundworm in faeces

Please contact us later on in the summer to order your worm egg count package, and let us know if you require a tapeworm saliva test in advance of this. If you have any queries please contact Lottie, Karen or Hailey.

Package of 3 worm egg counts – £30

Tapeworm saliva  test – £17.50

We can provide SAE’s if required to enable you to post your sample in at a small cost.

Free ACTH testing is back until the Autumn! Talk about Laminitis (TAL) is running from the 1st June to 31st October and offers a free blood test for clients who suspect their horse or pony could be suffering from Cushing’s Disease (PPID).

If you are worried about laminitis or your pony is showing any symptoms of PPID (curly coat, laminitis, excessive drinking, patchy sweating) it could be worth having the test. If we think it’s clinically indicated, we might advise a blood test to check the ACTH (Cushing’s hormone) levels.

A normal visit fee and blood sampling fee will still apply, as well as postage and packaging.

Future news:

Following the success of last year’s vaccination amnesty, we have teamed up with Merial and are offering another one this September. Eligible horses will receive a discounted primary vaccination course. The offer is for horses over 12 months of age that have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue a booster.  For more information visit or contact the practice to book your horse in under this offer.


Evening talk in September – date to be confirmed. Subject of worming and colic. Stay tuned for the date and place via our website or Facebook page