Can we please remind our clients that we are not running faecal worm egg counts at this time of year as all horses should be given a dose of Equest or Equest Pramox to treat for encysted red worm. For any information regarding worming your horse please email ...

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A Soldier’s Kiss
by Henry Chappell

Only a dying horse! pull off the gear,
And slip the needless bit from frothing jaws,
Drag it aside there, leaving the road way clear,
The battery thunders on with scarce a pause.
Prone by the shell-swept highway there it lies
With quivering limbs, as fast the life-tide fails,
Dark films are closing o’er the faithful eyes
That mutely plead for aid where none avails.

Onward the battery rolls, but one there speeds
Heedlessly of comrades voice or bursting shell,
Back to the wounded friend who lonely bleeds
Beside the stony highway where he fell.

Only a dying horse! he swiftly kneels,
Lifts the limp head and hears the shivering sigh
Kisses his friend, while down his cheek there steals
Sweet pity’s tear, “Goodbye old man, Goodbye”.

No honours wait him, medal, badge or star,
Though scarce could war a kindlier deed unfold;
He bears within his breast, more precious far
Beyond the gift of kings, a heart of gold.

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**Owner found** LOST DOG
A very sweet little Male, castrated Westie has been handed into us today. He is super friendly and is wearing a red collar. He was found wandering just outside of the clinic. He is microchipped but unfortunately the chip is not registered.
If he belongs to you or you know who is owners are please contact the clinic on 01787 269006.
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