Equine Covid-19 updates

******EQUINE EMERGENCY WORK WILL BE COVERED 24 hours a day. 7 days a week*******

NO ROUTINE WORK will be performed whatsoever until further notice . Please do not, for example, ask us to perform vaccinations if we have come to see an emergency on the yard.

Equine clients what does this mean?

It means work like : vaccines, castrations, vettings, dentals, routine blood tests, laser treatments, gastroscopies, stud work etc are not being performed. All 6 monthly boosters are to cease during lockdown. We have been advised by the British Equine Vet Association to stop annual boosters for an initial period of a month. This guidance may change as new advice comes in.

What is an equine emergency?

Emergencies and treatment of cases, which if delayed, would have an unacceptable effect on animal welfare.

Examples for guidance: Wounds that need stitching up, colics which do not respond to telephone advice or are deemed serious enough to require immediate attention. Foalings with complications. Non weight bearing lameness cases. Painful eyes. Obviously this list isn’t complete; but we hope it helps.

Every emergency will be assessed over the phone by a veterinary surgeon. If phone advice is appropriate then this will be the first course of action. A video call may be suggested.

We need protect the health and safety of our Staff

We don’t want to jeopardise public health.

We don’t want to jeopardise our NHS

We want to care for your animals in their hour of need. We shall continue to do so.

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